Blacktable 120

Super compact

The same performance on large stages, now also for small venues.

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Blacktable 180


Super robust. From the stage, to the club or terrace.

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Blacktable 240

Wider performance

Designed for more complex setups involving multiple devices, such as turntables and players used in the same setup.

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Blacktable 300

Beyond stage decks.

The solution for live performances that require the largest usable area and the least visual impact in stage design.

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Blacktable 360

The one

Engineered natively as DJ Rolling risers for the best experience for backliners worldwide.

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Blacktable 360F

Above all

The same performance, on any existing structure. Stage scaffold or permanent platform in the club.

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Blacktable 480

More sliding space

Creativity-proof performance. Designed for the most complex setups that need more sliding space with maximum mechanical performance.

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Blacktable 480F

Stage feeling

The same performance on large stages, now also for more compact venues.

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