Designed for you. Backliners.

Adopted by the world's most prestigious stages.

Fast and safe

The sliding trolley system allows the set-up to be moved to the centre to chain DJ performances quickly and safely. Everything is pre-wired and tested before going on stage. The running of the wheels is protected by a sheath along the entire track.

Beyond DIY

Born specifically as a DJ Rolling Riser for DJ performances on-stage. Each component is optimized for maximum efficiency. It’s engineered for intensive use and retains its structural characteristics even with frequent assembly and disassembly.

It can be used in all weather conditions. The smoothness is gentle and remains unchanged at any temperature.

Build. Unbuild.Rebuild

They are fully demountable and can be broken down into profiles, connectors and panels for easy transport and storage. The multi-panel system consists of 6 or more panels that simply rest on the surface, making transport and installation incredibly easy.

Design that works

Built to last, Blacktable DJ Rolling Risers are incredibly sturdy. They dampen oscillations and vibrations. They are versatile and can be fitted on-stage indoors and outdoors, making them perfect for any large club or electronic music festival. The structure is matt black and the panels are grey to create a contrast with the equipment in the dark.

Adaptable feet

Each table has 8 large feet to absorb shocks and vibrations. They have a short stroke to adapt perfectly to any type of ground.

Direct cable management

The wiring is organized into separate configurations, passing through openings and securely bundled beneath the panels. This design allows for flexibility in movement and ensures safe operation of the trolley.